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First Floor Offices, Ravenscroft Court, Buttington Cross Enterprise Park, Welshpool, Powys, SY21 8SL
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Case Study - Piper Media, Newtown A complex project involving the refurbishment of an existing asbestos cladded warehouse and offices, along with a 3,000 m2 extension attached to the existing steel frame. Refurbishment  The existing building dated back several decades and was cladded to the roof and walls in dilapidated chrysotile asbestos fibre cement sheeting.  This was removed and disposed of, and replaced with a twin skin insulated steel cladding system.  This, along with replacement powder coated aluminium glazing and entrance doors, served to dramatically update the building’s appearance and improve its thermal efficiency. New Extension  Cladded in the same insulated twin skin system, this large double span extension needed to be attached to the existing building, requiring very accurate measurement of the existing structure to enable the bespoke fabrication of the structural steelwork. The site sloped considerably, and required the construction of concrete retaining walls to its perimeter.  In order to set the concrete floorslab at the required level, a large area of the site had to be filled to depths of up to 1.5 metres, to avoid the excessive use of expensive concrete.  The original specification was for the introduction of crushed stone to fill this area.  C21 identified this as a potential cost saving for the client.  A new specification was obtained from the structural engineer, which instead used fill materials excavated from elsewhere on the site. By carefully and methodically compacting the fill material using specialist rolling equipment, the area was successfully filled without the use of crushed stone over and above normal depth specifications.   This in itself saved the client literally thousands of pounds, using material on site that would otherwise have to be carted away, at further expense to the client. problems with ground conditions along the way and the complexity of the connection to the existing building, the original time deadline was still met. 
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